Chancellor George Osborne met with senior executives from WHA and local MP Margaret Ritchie, along with Nicola Walker, managing director of Cronus Logistics, during a visit to Warrenpoint Port in County Down yesterday.

The Port of Warrenpoint are very pleased to have hosted George Osborne, whose visit comes as part of a wider trip to Northern Ireland.

The chancellor was shown round the docks and observed ro/ro and containerised operations along with the discharge of bulk grain ships. He was also shown timber that is imported through Warrenpoint but ultimately is transported across the land frontiers into the south of Ireland.

“We are pleased that the Chancellor recognises the importance of Warrenpoint as a strategic port for imports and exports in Ireland,” says Nicola.

He later crossed the border on a lorry delivering timber into Dublin

Cronus at Warrenpoint with George Osbourne
Cronus at Warrenpoint with George Osbourne