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About International Baggage Insurance (IBI)

International Baggage Insurance (IBI) is a leading specialist insurer within the travelling field. Our company offers non-standard policies, uniquely covering specific luggage contents. IBI was formed in 2016 as a result of the increasing demand from airline passengers looking for reliable insurance options. We offer insurance for electronic devices like laptops, mobile phones and tablets, as well as specific items, rarely covered to the full amount under existing policies. You can safely trust us with the insurance of your:

Electronic Devices – laptops, phones, tablets, Ipads and more
Unusually sized items – bicycles, wheelchairs, walkers and more
Sports gear and equipment – golf clubs, tennis rackets, accessories and more
With average travel policies imposing single item limits on baggage contents that typically don’t exceed €350, the limits of most travel insurance policies apply to anything in the luggage. This includes clothes, shoes, accessories and even the case itself, leaving many claimants out of pocket and frustrated with their travel partners when it comes to claiming on a policy.

With us, you get to benefit not only from much more detailed coverage options but from a hassle-free, online booking form as well.

IBI is currently working with 16 airlines worldwide as the only insurance company providing travellers with comprehensive coverage. We are offering extended protection for items that have become restricted as hand luggage under new regulations, as well as unusual sized items such as bicycles and wheelchairs. IBI has worldwide coverage and is currently looking to create new partnerships with airlines and travel companies who are seeking to adapt to the new trends in the industry.

News Releases 2018


Airlines will learn of a revolutionary new way to earn and save money at this year’s Aviation Festival taking place at London’s Business Design Centre on Thursday 7 September at 13:30. The opportunity for airlines to decrease damage payouts and earn €4 every 20...


Thousands of holidaymakers travelling this May will only find out they have a problem when they try and claim for lost or damaged possessions in their luggage this is because no one is telling them they have inadequate luggage insurance. The majority of travellers...

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