Crisis PR and media management and communications training

Successful management of public perception during and after a crisis is crucial to the ongoing success of a company. Failure to respond quickly and effectively can potentially result in permanent damage to a company’s reputation. Image Line Communications is capable of working together with each of our clients to prepare specific plans to protect their reputations during these times. By carefully planning beforehand for a variety of situations, a company can employ calm, concise and effective communications to minimize consequences and reassure concerned parties. We ensure that our clients have a comprehensive, fully-documented, tested and well-rehearsed response ready to be employed if a situation arises that could generate negative publicity. A full  crisis PR and communications plan and media trained key members of staff. We believe in working closely with our clients to help them to handle any situation.

Our experienced crisis management team will help you with:

  • Audit and advice on your current Crisis plans
  • Manage the risk and maintain control over the situation
  • Mobilise and work with your crisis team to formulate media response procedures, protocols, action plans and briefing documents
  • Focus on your message – not the media’s interpretation
  • Orchestrate communications directly with your staff
  • Monitor media coverage and direction
  • Keep key audiences informed of developments
  • Support your spokespeople with advice and current status reports
  • Provide distribution service for news updates
  • Control access to sites and individual

If you are in a crisis situation now and need help contact us on +44 (0)207 689 9009 or email

Crisis media training

Our course deals firstly with theoretical crisis management, then with practical media handling skills within a crisis situation.

We give you a set of techniques that can be used in any crisis or severe issue. Using roleplay and video playback, we ask you to take part in a series of media interviews, tailored to meet the needs of your organisation in any crisis situation.

We will research your issues and prepare you for almost every eventuality connected to your crisis issues as well as give you a structured strategy and a set of tools to conduct successful media relations during a crisis.