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About Robert Kukla GmbH

Robert Kukla GmbH – Internationale Spedition is your specialist for all questions relating to logistics, Europe-wide und world-wide transports, multimodal and intermodal transportations, distribution and long distance traffic – in short: for the transport of goods! As a trans-regional, traditional forwarder we react quickly, in an uncomplicated and individual manner to your inquiry. Our daily business are transports to almost all countries around the world!

Benefit from direct and multi-lingual contact persons who will conscientiously take care of the solutions for your transport problems. Our team offers you experience, a high standard of flexibility and expertise. In our Munich headquarters we speak In addition to German we speak English, French, Italian, Polish, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, Czech and Hungarian in our Munich headquarters. We provide you a high offer density with our headquarters in the Bavarian state capital Munich, numerous branches in other European countries, from Swedish Stockholm to Spanish Bilbao, in Russia as well as with further representative offices and partners as far as Asia and USA.

Founded in 1941 in Munich, we are a medium-sized and owner-managed transport and logistics organisation with many years’ experience in the international transport market. Our multicultural and independent forwarding company operates world-wide and is your established partner in the matter of transports. Existing customers appreciate our responsiveness as well as our reliable collaboration wth our company. We service not just small and medium-sized companies, large corporations and industry customers are also among our valued customers.

Click through our Logistics Services as a international forwarding company and find out more about Truck Logistics, Tank Logistics, Warehousing Logistics, Port Logistics, Shortsea Logistics, Third Country Logistics, Overseas Logistics and Promotions Logistics. Let us convince you of the consistent, high quality of our services and the intelligent solutions of our forwarding company!

While developing the optimal logistics solution, we take into account all modes of transport and their combinations. We would be pleased to send you a free-of-charge quotation for our services!

We are looking forward to a good cooperation with you!

News Releases 2018

Kukla add French office to growing portfolio: the French Connection

Kukla Beverage Logistics has strengthened its European network through the opening of the new Kukla France office in Calais. This is the latest development creating a comprehensive suite of greener intermodal transport solutions. The Kukla France office is headed by...

Kukla delivers more experience to boost customer confidence

Kukla Beverage Logistics has a new Commercial Manager to strengthen its growing business and commercial partnerships in the beverage industry. John Hay began his new role at the start of January 2022 and brings with him a wealth of experience. He was previously with...


Kukla is strengthening its European presence with two new appointments to cement its Italian service offering.Brian Skinner is appointed new managing director of Kukla’s Italian operation which, as part of a strategic restructuring, sees the present Italian operation...


One of Europe’s leading freight forwarders has launched a UK subsidiary to focus on beverage logistics. Robert Kukla UK Limited launched in April 2017 with a new head office in Brentwood and a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable logistics experts. This is...

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