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Traditional PR and content PR for travel and leisure





The agency people turn to

Providing continuous B2B PR support in the international transport and leisure media throughout the year. We plan, create and deliver communication strategies using our expertise in the transport and leisure sectors. With image Line’s expertise in media relations, our clients benefit from our full in-house editorial, creative, and e-commerce expertise. As well as drawing from the knowledge of our highly experienced researchers, our PR clients gain added exposure through our excellent relationships with editors and journalists working within these sectors worldwide.

While also supporting our clients in a fully-managed PR programme, Image Line is proactive and will get you mentioned in special features, we will also arrange interviews for you and journalist visits, as well as full support at B2B events throughout the year.

Content PR

But we are more than just a PR agency; we write compelling content that is relevant, engaging and informative. Why is this important? Because 9 out of 10 business buyers say when they are ready to buy, they will find their seller! 41% said they read research papers, white papers, thought leadership articles and postings to help them make their selection of who to engage with.

  • White papers
  • Thought leadership – articles, blogs and LinkedIn posts
  • Guest posting on key blogs

Crisis management and communications training

  • Audit and advice on your current Crisis plans
  • Manage the risk and maintain control over the situation
  • Mobilize and work with your crisis team to formulate media response procedures, protocols, action plans and briefing documents
  • Focus on your message – not the media’s interpretation
  • Orchestrate communications directly with your staff
  • Monitor media coverage and direction
  • Keep key audiences informed of developments
  • Support your spokespeople with advice and current status reports
  • Provide distribution service for news updates
  • Control access to sites and individual

If you are in a crisis situation now and need help contact us on +44 (0)207 689 9009 or email

Crisis media training

Our course deals firstly with theoretical crisis management, then with practical media handling skills within a crisis situation.

We give you a set of techniques that can be used in any crisis or severe issue. Using role-play and video playback, we ask you to take part in a series of media interviews, tailored to meet the needs of your organisation in any crisis situation.

We will research your issues and prepare you for almost every eventuality connected to your crisis issues as well as give you a structured strategy and a set of tools to conduct successful media relations during a crisis.


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