European regulators have been alarmed by the disproportionate share of CO2 trucks generate despite the fact they make up only 5% of the total traffic on European roads. CO2 emissions have continued to rise since the 1990s due to increasing road freight traffic and this issue is currently being discussed by EU leaders, who are focusing on measuring and reporting fuel consumption as a first step to cap CO2emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, see:

Cronus Logistics, one of the most innovative supply chain companies on the Irish-UK gateway understands the importance of reducing the amount of time spent travelling on UK and Irish roads and they are ahead of the curve in establishing their buy valtrex onow linehaul services.

Cronus Logistics has created an innovative service built on realising the importance of reducing road miles, driver hours, costs and cutting CO2 emissions. Pressure to lower emissions is mounting on manufacturers. There is currently no official method to measuring CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. As a step towards enforcing regulations the European Commission is introducing a Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool (VECTO) – a computer simulation measurement system that is expected to become mandatory as of this summer.

This is meant to be the first step in regulating emissions, however there are already concerns that VECTO won’t be effective due to the fact that there are so many different trucks on the market, making the industry too complex to be measured in this way. Rather than enforcing legislation that may not work in practice, by actually reducing the amount of time travelling on roads Cronus Logistics has tackled the problem head on.

Cronus Logistics is the only Irish Sea logistics company offering a comprehensive door-to-door service for dry freight, with full control of every element of the supply chain. This culminates in a reliable, competitive and green route to market.

Cronus has recently increased their services based on this ethos utilising two dedicated gateways – Bristol to Warrenpoint and Cardiff to Dublin. By linking these four ports they can strengthen the offerings to core manufacturing sectors to offer reduced road miles, lower CO2 emissions and tailored deliveries to customer requirements, alongside maintaining an industry standard 48 hour service.

If you want a service that demonstrates green credentials and saves on costs, Cronus is the logistics solution that reduces road miles, cuts CO2 emissions and contributes to a stronger financial bottom line.