Aiming to Enhance Ties within MOL Group

TOKYO—Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced to establish the “Chief Country Representative of United States of America” under the “Chief Executive Representative of North America, Central America & Caribbean”, and “Chief Country Representative of Russia” under “Chief Executive Representative of Europe, Africa”, effective April 1, 2021.

[Nation and Name of Chief Country Representatives]


City Chief Country Representative

United States of America

New Jersey Katsumi Nagata

(concurrently serves as Chief Country Representative for North America, Central America & Caribbean)

Russia Moscow Kenji Yokoi

MOL has expanded its base in the United States, and set up business focusing on the automobile industry, which has a broad range of supporting industries, as well as the energy sector. The company looks to enhance its ability to gather and analyze information, including key national economic data, as it strives to develop new business in the U.S. market.

In addition, MOL has participated in the Arctic LNG Project as one of the pioneering corporations on the Russia/Arctic Route project (*1), and moved ahead with use of the Arctic route as a shorter link between Europe and East Asia. The company will continue to accumulate new projects on the Russia/Arctic route, which will become more important in the coming years.

MOL positions the United States and Russia as key strategic nations, and works to meet customer needs more effectively by drawing upon the MOL Group’s collective strengths.

Some of the executive officers responsible for regions, chief executive representatives, and chief country representatives were changed as per the new organization below effective April 1, 2020. (changes from April 1 are marked with (*) and changes from January 1 are marked with (**)) In addition, the company will allocate assistants to chief country representatives to enhance regional operating structures.


North America/Central America/Caribbean
Executive Officer Hirotoshi Ushioku (*)
Chief Executive Representative Katsumi Nagata
United States of America Katsumi Nagata (*)
(Assistant) Giacomo Cassaro (*)
Mexico Yasuhiro Mochizuki
South America
Executive Officer Hirotoshi Ushioku (*)
Chief Executive Representative Toshitake Daigo
Brazil Toshitake Daigo
Chile Takuya Fuchikami (*)
Executive Officer Kenta Matsuzaka (*)
Chief Executive Representative Tatsuro Watanabe
Germany Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (*)
Turkey Satoshi Katada
(Assistant) Cem Kaya (**)
Mozambique/South Africa Mitsuru Fukushima
Russia Kenji Yokoi (*)
Asia/Middle East/Oceania
Executive Officer Nobuo Shiotsu (*)
Chief Executive Representative Masahiko Okubo
Singapore Masahiko Okubo
(Assistant) Terence Wong (**)
Malaysia Ryuichiro Kijima
Myanmar Yutaka Sakanishi (*)
Vietnam Yutaka Sakanishi
China/Taiwan Senji Tokumoto
Hong Kong Ryokichi Asai (*)
South Korea Toru Fujii
(Assistant) Youngdeok Park (**)
The Philippines Teiichiro Shinoda
Thailand Satoshi Yamaguchi (*)
Indonesia Yo Ishizaki
India Koji Wada
(Assistant) Anand Jayaraman (**)
U. A. E Yutaka Ikeda
(Assistant) Sanjay Barodawala (**)
Australia Hideyuki Irisawa


1For details, please refer to the November 2, 2020 press release:
MOL signs Charter Contract for Three Ice-Breaking LNG Carriers for Arctic LNG 2 Project in Russia


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