As the Coronavirus story unfolds around the world, the trend of working from home is becoming the new normal for many companies.

This new work environment brings a lot of changes with it, as you have probably been experiencing yourself in the past few weeks. Navigating this new normal and finding ways to still work effectively can be challenging.

We have done the work for you and have come up with some helpful tips and resources that will hopefully support you in your working-from-home-experience.

Company strategies to promote productivity

This one is for the companies, as an employer it is your duty to support your employees in navigating this new way of working. While remote working is not a new invention, most of your employees are probably not used to it and will need some assistance adjusting to the new situation, learning to use the programs and staying productive.

By developing a structured, well-thought-out remote working strategy you can make this process a lot easier and improve your employees’ digital working experience significantly. It is an essential base to keep productivity and structure in your company going and will therefore benefit you as well.

But developing a good strategy can be challenging. You might not know where to start, with the many aspects factoring into successful remote working. For the beginning, focusing on the basics can be a good starting point.

1 – Create an effective foundation for remote working access

  • None of your employees will be able to work from home without secure access to IT resources and of course, the internet

2 – Clearly articulate a remote work policy

  • Give your employees structure by providing a work policy, a plan, a communications program and support

3 – Cultivate a remote working culture and mindset

  • it helps to prepare the broader organization to create an environment that’s more effective for remote working

Of course, your approach also depends on your company, it’s values and your budget, so for a more in depth look, have a look at this in detail guide to remote working strategies.

Working in a coronavirus world: Strategies and tools for staying productive

Essential tools for remote working

When working from home, many things that were possible in the office, aren’t possible anymore.

 In order to still work successfully, we need to find online alternatives to our prior working methods. Because of that, dealing with online working programs is inevitable.

With the overflow of programs on the market, it is hard to find out, which programs you actually need and which ones are a waste of money and time.

Check out this guide to find the programs perfectly fitted to your needs. From programs for Web conferencing and e-mail to mobile collaboration applications and virtual event platforms.

Working from home 101: Every remote worker’s guide to the essential tools for telecommuting

Staying organized at home

Now, that all the technicalities are sorted out, let’s get to actually working, which can be more challenging than one might think.

Working from the comfort of your home might sound great in the beginning: Sleeping in, no annoying colleagues, conference calls in your joggers. But once you actually start working remotely, you quickly realize, that it requires a lot of discipline to actually get things done.

Fortunately there are a bunch of tips you can follow, to help you stay on task and organized. Of course, everyone’s abilities differ, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but incorporating some of these tips into your workflow can definitely improve your working-from-home-experience.

We have summed up some of the most important ones for you:

1 – Maintain regular hours

The most obvious, and the hardest one of all. Organizing your time properly is essential to stay productive and maintaining a proper work-life balance. Knowing exactly when to do your tasks and actually doing them then and there can require a lot of discipline, but is essential to keep you focused. So create a schedule and stick to it.

2 – Keep your space clean

Clean space, clean mind – It might be a cheesy saying, but it’s true. Who could work effectively with their desk cluttered and 5 empty pizza boxes around them? Working in an organized space minimizes distractions and will keep you focused on your tasks at hand.

3 – Take regular breaks

It’s easy to get carried away when working in your home office without anyone telling you to take a break. We tend to get so consumed by a project, that we forget the time and suddenly it’s dark outside and we realize we’ve been working for 9 hours straight.

But as important as productivity is, working all day is not healthy for you, so make sure to incorporate regular breaks into your routine and actually use them to relax and think about something else for a while.

These are just a few of the tips that will keep you productive and focused at home. For a more detailed approach to productivity at home, check out this article!

Get Organized: 20 Tips for Working From Home

Looking after your mental health

This is something a lot of people forget, which is why it’s so important to talk about. Working at home can already be lonely and isolating under regular circumstances. But now, with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) making its way around the world, a lot of additional anxiety and uncertainty is coming our way. Combined with the pressure of working and the lack of human contact, this can take a real toll on your mental health.

There is a number of ways you can try to cope with this situation and look after your mental health. Of course these tips may not work for everyone, so don’t be afraid to reach out to friends, family or mental health hotlines. Talking about it is often the first step to get better.

1 – Get into a routine

  • Having a clearly structured day and sticking to an everyday routine can make things feel more normal. Try to not put too much pressure on yourself though and make sure to incorporate breaks into your routine.

2 – Keep social interactions going

  • Spending all your time at home, especially by yourself, can make you feel lonely and isolated. So make sure to keep in contact with the people you care about. Video calls help a lot to keep social interactions going.

3 – Keep a work- life balance

  • To stay mentally healthy, it’s important to keep a good work-life-balance. Try not to only focus on your work, but also do things away from that.

Of course mental health is a very complex matter and our tips only cover a small range of it. To get a more detailed look, check out these guides!

Looking after your mental health while working during the coronavirus outbreak

We hope these tips will be helpful for your remote-working-journey. We are always here to help you navigate these chaotic times.