We, like the rest of the world, have been attentively watching the developments of the past week as the Coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading rapidly throughout our cities. In this time of crisis, taking measures to ensure everyone’s safety and contain the virus the best is vital to us all.

This new, challenging situation is putting many companies in a difficult place, not only financially, but also in terms of customer communications and public image. As a number of bigger companies have published Coronavirus business statements addressing the situation in the past days and you might be considering doing the same, we, at Image Line PR have decided to share some examples and common qualities of these statements, to help your company navigate through this difficult time.

While most of the companies, which have issued COVID-19 advisory notices, are considered big brands, among them:

It is just as important for small and medium size companies to be informing your customers about the measures you have taken in this public health crisis, it is vital for every business, regardless of size or sector.  As everyone’s way of working and living is heavily impacted by this situation, your customers will without a doubt have questions on how this affects your hours, your availability and your overall work relationship, making an advisory notice indispensable.

To help you make your business statement as useful as possible, we have created a list of the minimum information it should cover, including:

  • The measures taken to protect your employees
  • The impact on customers
  • The minimum timespan your actions will stay in place
  • The consequences for customer service
  • Where those changes are taking place

Having your best interests at heart, we would recommend you publish your advisory not only on the home and news -pages of your website, but below your masthead on every page, to ensure it will be seen.

It is likely, that you will be facing new challenges and dealing with situations you are not used to in this unusual time, but it is important to remain calm now. We hope that we have and will be able to assist you with your needs, as we face this crisis together.