February 20, 2017

MOL Appoints Chief Country Representative in Turkey

– Aiming to Enhance Ties within MOL Group –

TOKYO—Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced that the company appointed Chief Country Representative in Turkey under the umbrella of the Chief Executive Representative for Europe and Africa (*1), effective January 1, 2017.


[Nation and Name of Chief Country Representative]

Nation City Chief Country Representative
Turkey Istanbul Satoshi Katada

Turkey, which has a population of over 78 million, is expected to post strong economic growth, fueled by its younger generation. Thanks to its geopolitical role as a connection point between Europe and the Middle East, it is drawing attention as a potential emerging economy.

MOL positions Turkey as a key strategic country and will draw upon the MOL Group’s collective strengths to meet diverse and detailed customer needs for importing raw materials, exporting products including completed cars and plywood, and supporting the nation’s energy and infrastructure development.

The Chief Country Representatives in Turkey, as representatives of the MOL Group, will enhance the group’s business capabilities and strengthen the MOL brand to more effectively promote its comprehensive strengths. They develop and offer proposals for comprehensive transport services in response to specific needs in Turkey, and other countries in the eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea coastal regions.

(*1)   The Chief Executive Representative was introduced in June 2015. Managing Executive Officer Toshiya Konishi (Chief Executive Representative, Americas), Executive Officer Nobuo Ishihara (Chief Executive Representative, Europe, Africa), and Executive Officer Mitsujiro Akasaka (Chief Executive Representative, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania) oversee their designated regions. (*2)

(*2)   Chief Country Representatives have already been appointed in Mexico and Brazil, under the umbrella of the Chief Executive Representative, Americas, and in India, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, the U.A.E., and Australia, under the umbrella of the Chief Executive Representative, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.