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The agency people turn to

Ports and terminals don’t want to waste time explaining their industry and the complex relationships which make the sector work. They want an agency that understands their business; can reach their audiences and add real-value.

They also need an agency that will help them transcend from the traditional client base – shipping lines, ferries and RO-RO to the business cargo owner – the end client. Why is this important? Because the number of potential shipping line customers is every deceasing as lines merge and super groupings are formed. Also a number of the key shipping lines now either are part of a company that directly owns ports and terminals or runs these themselves which leads to conflict of interests.

Our ports technical and commercial knowledge is unsurpassed. We understand the market dynamics that impact ports and terminals and the high-end engineering, technologies and concepts that drive ports forward. Including autonomous ships, trucks, drones the impact of automation and Industrie 4.0 and cyber-physical systems.

We also understand how to help ports and terminals reach cargo owners. We don’t just write a press release; each campaign is tailored for the relevant vertical market. Our contacts and knowledge of how to make shipping interesting for the retail, food and drink, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, chemical and hazardous and FMCG sectors is how we get our clients featured in the relevant vertical media.

Portcentric PR and Content PR

Ports that have a portcentric offering or potential need to reach out to a number of key stakeholders, investors, property consultants, advisors, 3PLs, end cargo owners and have to make sure everyone understands the value the particular portcentric solution brings.

We offer specialist PR, content and marketing services that help ports bring their relevant messages for investment, port selection, renewable energy development, supply chain improvement, maritime and intermodal freight.

Content PR

But we are more than just a PR agency; we write compelling content that is relevant, engaging and informative. Why is this important? Because 9 out of 10 business buyers say when they are ready to buy, they will find their seller! 41% said they read research papers, white papers, thought leadership articles and postings to help them make their selection of who to engage with.

Crisis management and communications training

  • Audit and advice on your current Crisis plans
  • Manage the risk and maintain control over the situation
  • Mobilize and work with your crisis team to formulate media response procedures, protocols, action plans and briefing documents
  • Focus on your message – not the media’s interpretation
  • Orchestrate communications directly with your staff
  • Monitor media coverage and direction
  • Keep key audiences informed of developments
  • Support your spokespeople with advice and current status reports
  • Provide distribution service for news updates
  • Control access to sites and individual

If you are in a crisis situation now and need help contact us on +44 (0)207 689 9009 or email

Crisis media training

Our course deals firstly with theoretical crisis management, then with practical media handling skills within a crisis situation.

We give you a set of techniques that can be used in any crisis or severe issue. Using role-play and video playback, we ask you to take part in a series of media interviews, tailored to meet the needs of your organisation in any crisis situation.

We will research your issues and prepare you for almost every eventuality connected to your crisis issues as well as give you a structured strategy and a set of tools to conduct successful media relations during a crisis.

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