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Thordon Bearings, the world’s leading supplier of water lubricated propeller shaft seals and bearings, contracted Image Line to provide a suite of media relations and marketing services to augment its business development function.

Image Line is now working closely with Thordon’s executives to work on key messaging to a target audience in the merchant and offshore marine industries to increase global awareness of Thordon Bearings’ COMPAC System and related services in existing and new maritime markets and attract new shipowners, shipbuilders and designers to the product.

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In this ongoing project, we have so far written, designed and delivered new promotional and marketing material; researched, drafted and issued White Paper and feature articles; issued a number or press releases and organised speaking opportunities for this client.

The company is no benefitting from much wider media penetration which is generating increased sales interest for the company. We are currently in the process of organising press and customer events to coincide with industry exhibitions.

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