Client: DSV

Campaign Date: 2011-2014


DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. In the UK it offers an extensive range of services under the brands DSV Road, DSV Air & Sea and DSV Solutions employing more than 1500 people throughout 52 locations. DSV administer over 100,000sq metres of terminal storage which is supported by over 200 UK Distribution vehicles. Assisted by a trucking network between 7 strategically placed hubs, DSV can offer a “one-stop shop” for all your needs.

The challenge:

DSV was already represented on digital media through its own Twitter and Facebook pages. However, the company felt these had failed to gain traction and interaction with followers was poor. As a result, it approached Image Line, which was its existing PR company, to ask if we could improve feedback and follower numbers.

The solution:

Image Line first set about increasing the number of followers DSV had on Twitter and Facebook. This was done by becoming an active follower – making sure we were following as many relevant companies/individuals as possible. Once we had increased the awareness of DSV on social media, we needed to make sure that DSV was active enough for others to follow by increasing DSV’s output of content. The content posted had to be relevant and interesting to our potential and existing followers to encourage interaction. We posted company news, thoughts on industry news, asking customers if they need help, updated traffic operations etc. We also posted training opportunities that were available within DSV.

The result:

Increasing representation on social media has wide-spread benefits, firstly it helps increase DSV’s online presence, meaning the company is more likely to be found on internet searches and secondly it helps bring it closer to its clients, members of staff, journalists, potential customers and those just generally interested in the company. Since Image Line took over DSV’s Twitter account the number of followers has risen from 106, 18 months ago, to more than 870 today

Meanwhile, DSV’s Facebook group has grown from around 50 ‘likes’ to more than 259 today. However, the true proof of the success of DSV allowing Image Line to manage its social media network came when we made several posts advertising spare places that had come up on DSV driver training programmes in Essex and the Midlands. Thanks to the posts, non-DSV drivers were found to attend the events, which filled the spare slots with paying drivers, helping to make the training financially viable and more vibrant.