Client: DSV

Campaign Date: 2011-present


DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. In the UK it offers an extensive range of services under the brands DSV Road, DSV Air & Sea and DSV Solutions employing more than 1500 people throughout 52 locations. DSV administer over 100,000sq metres of terminal storage which is supported by over 200 UK Distribution vehicles.

DSV processes more than two million pairs of Kurt Geiger luxury and fashion shoes with dedicated pick and pack, single pair replenishment, labelling and other e-commerce services for the manufacturer.

The challenge:

DSV was looking to develop its offerings in the shoe and footwear manufacturer sectors. The company’s existing PR consultancy, Image Line was asked to develop a series of media features and generate increased coverage for DSV’s work with high end shoe retailers to illustrate the company’s expanding services and high-end work in this sector.

The solution:

The first actions were centered on establishing the media involved in the footwear and retail sectors that DSV wished to target. Image Line has an extensive media database and this was used to home in on the relevant magazines that we considered material to the campaign. It was important not to waste time and effort in contacting media who would not consider the material of significant interest to publish. This was achieved through using the database and by individually selecting editors and journalists to contact by phone. This personal touch was considered time-consuming but worthwhile in further developing the story.  A briefing paper was drafted covering all aspects of the DSV footwear operation and sent to the targeted media.

In all these matters it was a case of refining the information we had to make it presentable to the client and the client’s core target audiences. We began the initial work was in developing a series of features and positive coverage for their activities in this sector.

Image Line contacted the leading magazines in the footwear sector and arranged for media visits to visit the company’s facilities to see how DSV operated the finishing and reworking operations. We accompanied the journalists to the site and assisted them with both their research and interviews.

The result:

Image Line obtained increased media coverage for the company’s dedicated footwear operations in a number of leading trade and business publications.  Once the media took hold of the story it generated increased interest in DSV’s footwear operations and resulted within a few months in one of the world’s leading luxury shoe brands approaching DSV to take over their own reworking and finishing operations.

For both DSV and Image Line this was a very successful project and enhanced the company’s profile in the footwear sector and increased business thanks to the PR and media plans used.