Content and White Papers

Well written and relevant content is vital today for the maritime, shipping, ports, logistics, materials handing, maritime security and the supply chain sectors. Image Line are experts in researching and writing relevant and meaningful content to put your business in front of your targeted audiences.

Content PR is the creation and distribution of your ideas and knowledge to receptive clients – potential and existing ones. Technology can put your business in front of people almost immediately through social media – on the train, in the cafe or at home. Business is no longer confined to work hours but the real skill is in creating content that interests, informs and makes people talk to you and about you.

We create content for the wider logistics, maritime, ports, transport and materials handling sectors. We understand the issues and know how to develop content that sets our clients apart from their competitors. You want to tell them more about what you do, so why confine yourself to an advert when there are more cost effective ways of reaching out to a wider audience. Our words will get you noticed and combined with digital and video content there is a whole new target audience out there waiting for your knowledge and services.

We produce White Papers to order: detailed information in a form that will attract potential customers rather than turn them away. Freely available and downloadable from your website they offer opinion, thought leadership, insights and guidance into the areas of your business you want to develop.

Image Line content is created on an individual basis. We do not use stock copy, rehashed features or something we’ve read online. The content we create for you will belong to you and be written and devised to your specifications.