Freight and supply chain welcome intervention by the UK government for proposals on a new industrial strategy.  Not only does the government want to prepare the industry for a post-Brexit future, but also focus on the disparities of wealth and investment in different regions of the UK.  They have also looked to other countries as models of stronger productivity and more balanced growth.

Greg Clark, secretary of state for business, energy, and industrial strategy knows that other countries are constantly moving, improving infrastructure networks and striving for improvement.  He said:

“Britain is one of the most centralised countries in the world, but this has not led to places being uniformly prosperous… That is why, on average, workers in France, Germany and the United States produce around as much in four days as UK workers do in five. It is also why despite having the most prosperous local economy in Northern Europe – in central London – we also have 12 of the 20 poorest among our closest neighbours.”