Image Line Communications is making a simple plea to the yachting community to spread the word quickly and with compassion for Gemma Willis who is in desperate need of support to fight her aggressive cervical cancer.

Gem was a stewardess on a superyacht, who in October 2019, received the devastating news and totally heart-breaking news that she had Stage 4 Cervical Cancer. Despite multiple bouts of surgery along with six cycles of aggressive 8hr infusions of chemotherapy, daily targeted radiotherapy, and brachytherapy, Gem is facing her most brutal battle yet. Her mobility is now restricted and she needs to raise an additional £60,000 in little more than 21 days to self-fund her treatment. This is because the NHS has deemed her treatment with specialist drugs too expensive.

Gem’s life as a stewardess has been lost to her and we understand her future is looking dark. What we hope is that the yachting world will rally round her and address her plight by supporting her in this intensive and short fight for her life. Your support will be appreciated in ways most of us will never understand.

Fundraiser by Gemma Hulbert : Help Gem Beat Stage 4 Cervical Cancer! (