Health and Safety are always crucial for any mariner and shipowner. This is brought very sharply into focus regularly on World Health and Safety Day, this year falling on April 28, 2021.

Annual reporting has shown that overall, the total global losses in the sector see a positive trend. However, the number of reported shipping incidents or casualties (2,815) during 2019-2020 increased by 5% year-on-year.

The annual Safety and Shipping Review 2020, issued by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), identified machine damage/failure as the top cause of shipping incidents. This is more than one-third of all incidents reported during that period. Unfortunately, this is also a leading cause that has been trending over the past decade.

annual Safety and Shipping Review 2020, issued by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty







Caption: Infographics from the Safety and Shipping Review 2020, issued by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Against such a background, the level and quality of training, skills-set and the experience of mariners are the first areas of review. They are also the first areas to feature with recommendations for ongoing training, especially in personal safety and mental health.

While shipowners and employers must ensure the health and safety of all seafarers working onboard, it is the responsibility of each seafarer to look after their health and safety. That is why Seably, the global online marketplace for bespoke maritime training, is committed to bringing accessible and free online personal safety and mental health training to anyone connected with this vital global industry.

Seably was created by seafarers for seafarers. It is an innovative global online marketplace that offers exclusive and in-depth quality content. The platform delivers effective immersive learning for the maritime sector in a unique, digitalised and online format virtually anywhere in the world.

Seafarers using the Seably marketplace have access to a high-tech medium with a comprehensive library of the latest online training on topics that include all aspects of health and safety on board. The wide range of courses equips them to handle real-life working situations and hazardous environments in the open sea, but safely managed within an enhanced training experience. These include 3D animated courses which clarify tricky concepts or complex processes. Seafarers benefit from specialised up-to-date content, cutting-edge technology, and teaching skills from seafarers, educationalists, industry specialists, insurers, surveyors, and a whole range of other related service providers.

The Seably marketplace is a unique opportunity for ship owners and employers to ensure their crews are equipped and trained to stay safe and healthy while at sea. Seafarers can also access the free and affordable individual courses and material in their own time. As Captain Tim Fenech, Head of Course Development at Seably, said, “With the ever-present challenges facing the maritime industry acerbated by the pandemic, the top problems are still impacting crew welfare and raising the risks of human error accidents. The industry must continue to work at reducing casualties and incidents. The best way is for shipowners and seafarers to maintain a high level of expertise through ongoing training in health and safety with courses such as the ones available through the Seably marketplace.”

Capt. Tim Fenech, Head of Course Development at Seably






Caption: Captain Tim Fenech, Head of Course Development at Seably