GMCG, one of the world’s leading maritime consultancies, has recently become one of the sponsors of the Sri Lankan Youth Business Trust – a new partnership supported by the Sri Lankan government and aimed at developing stronger links with small and medium sized businesses.

The Trust is a five-year long project by the Sri Lankan Ministry of Youth & Sports and will focus on developing training, finance initiatives and mentoring for young people looking to start and run businesses.

The Sri Lankan Youth Business Trust has targeted the 15-29 age range to establish a new series of projects supported by local and international sponsors to create a viable platform for small and medium sized business start-ups in Sri Lanka.

Julian Padilla, Chairman of the Board of GMCG Global, sees this new project as one that they regard as important for Sri Lanka.

“What struck us about this initiative is that it focusses the support on youth, the young people who will become the backbone of a stronger business culture in Sri Lanka. This is something we all see as worthwhile because the next generations of business leaders will come from these sorts of projects. Our focus is on supporting young people to push themselves and the country onto the next level of business development and we are delighted to be a supporter of the Sri Lankan Youth Business Trust.”