15 July 2019

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines celebrated Marine Day by giving an introduction tour of their car carrier Emerald Ace at Harumi Pier, cooperating with the Japanese Shipowners’ Association as a part of “The Umi-to-Nippon Project”.

The company welcomed about 600 elementary, junior high school students and their family members – which was twice as much as the event last year – who were selected in an online application process.

After boarding a huge vessel and a friendly welcoming by the captain, the guests got to see and touch nautical instruments and binoculars with explanations from the deck officers.

After being introduced to vessel engines and the engineers’ work in the lounge, people toured the Captain’s room and the crew cabin in the accommodation area. This gave them a close-up look at the seafarers’ jobs and lifestyles on board. They watched a demonstration of cars being loaded into the cargo hold and saw a “deck lifter”, a device which moves the liftable decks up and down to accommodate vehicles of different heights. Just for fun, they experienced the operation of radio-controlled ships in a pool of water and enjoyed crafting their own model ships with milk cartons.

At the cruise ship terminal, MOL also provided a virtual reality experience of boarding a vessel, a craft workshop session where visitors made paper replicas of the ferry, and a workshop about the use of international maritime signal flags. Students, family members, and many other people took part in these events.

About 150 MOL Group staff members were ready to assist during the event, and heard positive and enthusiastic comments from the youngsters, such as “It was enjoyable and impressive,” “I was amazed at the spaciousness on board,” and “Women serving on ships can count on a lot of support.”

The MOL Group as a team continues to promote activities that encourage the public’s familiarity with ships and the importance of the ocean shipping industry to everyday life in Japan, with a special focus on children and students.

(*) The ocean supports Japanese lifestyles in various ways, and it sometimes provides relaxing, excitement, and inspiration. The Umi-to-Nippon Project, a joint effort by the Cabinet Office’s Headquarters for Ocean Policy, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and The Nippon Foundation, aims to build awareness of the current status of the ocean and the deterioration of the marine environment as personal issues, and renew the bonds between Japanese people, especially children and young people, and the ocean, and pass on clean and beautiful oceans to the next generation.