Logistical efficiency refers to how efficient a company is in terms of conducting its operations. A warehouse is a complex unit, where it can often be difficult to know what is going on. Efficiency is something that all companies strive for because of the related benefits, and there are many different ways to improve your warehouses’ efficiency. Within this article we will highlight our top five tips for making your warehouse more efficient.

1. Profiling
One of the first steps is to analyse your orders throughout the past year. Analysing them will help you find any possible trends that have occurred and in turn, you will be able to better position your stock in terms of what was more popular, etc. which will subsequently have an impact on your efficiency. Profiling also helps you to analyse your current picking procedure in your warehouse, ensuring that you are using the method which most suits your organisation.

2. A Warehouse Management System
A ‘warehouse management system’ or WMS helps to control the movement and storage of items and materials in your warehouse. A WMS helps to organise your inventory visibility (showing your company associates and clients what you have in stock) which in turn ensures a better service to your customers. A warehouse management system also helps to send automated lists to any electronic devices which can help to minimise mistakes and waste.

3. Work on Your Warehouse Layout
Another way to improve your efficiency and maximise your space, without the need of extending, is to include taller storage units. This, as a result, enables you to place items which are not often used higher up, and this can be found out through profiling. Likewise using appropriate equipment to carry items around is another significant way to utilise your space properly. In addition, removing old equipment which is no longer needed and just lying around is another simple step to making your warehouse well-organised.

4. Keeping a Clean Warehouse
An untidied warehouse can result in a lack of organisation and potential delay to the customer, whereas maintaining a clear space can not only help improve efficiency but also avoid potential costly mistakes and delays. It is imperative to ensure that you regularly clean your warehouse space too, which will enable a faster movement of staff, allowing your company to operate seamlessly.

5. Investigate New Technology
Perhaps the key to a more efficient warehouse is the use of technology. There have been many developments which have been built specially to aid the efficiency of a logistical environment, such as radio frequency scanners and tags, voice-activated solutions and barcode systems – any one of these could help to bring better efficiency and improve your picking productivity, reducing any potential errors.
There is a general trend between investing in technology and a more efficient environment. In addition, profiling your company and incorporating a WMS as well as better and cleaner layout will help you streamline your overall warehouse effectiveness. As in the end, it all comes down to logistics.

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