Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced that its group seafarer manning company Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc.(*) (MMM; Headquarters: Manila, the Philippines; President: Francisco D. Menor) held a long-service awards presentation ceremony for Filipino seafarers who work for MMM in Manila on October 5, and hosted a Family Day event the following day. MOL Chairman Koichi Muto, MOL Senior Managing Executive Officer Akihiko Ono ,MOL Managing Executive Officer Masanori Kato, and executives of MOL group’s ship management companies attended both events.

Awards and recognition went to seafarers with 15 years of service aboard MOL-operated vessels, and a total of about 60 award recipients and their families attended. MOL Chairman Koichi Muto expressed appreciation for the contributions of the seafarers who play a key role in safe vessel operation, and their families who support them during their months away at sea. He added that he looks forward to them sharing their knowledge and experience with students at MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy (*2), which opened in August of this year. One award recipient commented, “I gained support from MOL, honed my skills, achieved my goal, and increased my knowledge to make my dream come true. ”

Family Day was held at an amusement complex in Manila, drawing about 3,250 seafarers and their families. Chairman Muto expressed his gratitude to the seafarers and their families for their support of safe operations, and noted that seafarers at the venue support daily life all over the world through their service in the ocean transport industry. One participating family member said, “This annual Family Day event makes us realize that the company brings peace of mind and love to families and takes care of seafarers and our families. We would like to continue playing essential role for safe operation.”

The MOL Group regularly conducts such programs in the Philippines and other countries that are home to seafarers, striving to provide a pleasant working environment while expressing appreciation for their contributions to the group’s success.

Scene Family Day

Scene of family Day


MOL Chairman Koichi Muto delivers a greeting at the long-service awards ceremony.

(*1) Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc.
Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc. is an MOL seafarer manning company in Manila. It was jointly established by MOL and its partner in the Philippines, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, in March 1997.

(*2) MOL Magsaysay Maritime Academy