TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced that from late February through late March, the company held MOL Safety Conference 2017 programs, targeting MOL Group seafarers, in four locations worldwide.

 Date City (Country) No. of participating MOL Seafarers
February 28 Split (Croatia) 166
March 9 Mumbai (India) 143
March 16 Manila (The Philippines) 302
March 29 Tokyo (Japan) 52

Beginning with the conference in Croatia, the events opened with a powerful message from MOL President & CEO Junichiro Ikeda: “Let’s forge ahead to further enhance safe operation with the aim of ‘Four Zeroes’(Note) under ‘One MOL’ as a global team.”

Senior Managing Executive Officer Captain Masaaki Nemoto, who also serves as Director General of Safety Operations Headquarters, and many other MOL executives and staff members also participated in the conferences. Along with managers from in-house ship management companies and manning companies, they led active discussions of actual incidents and work-related accidents.

The Japan P&I Club was invited to the conferences in Manila and Tokyo to enlighten seafarers about healthcare issues.

Since 2007, the MOL Safety Conference has been held annually in the group’s major seafarer source nations with the main objectives of exchanging opinions about safe operations among seafarers around the world so that they can enhance their awareness for safety. MOL continues its efforts to become “the world leader in safe operation” through those activities.

(Note):MOL sets the following four numerical goals as indices to measure safety,
i.e., zero serious marine incidents, zero oil pollution, zero fatal accidents, and
zero cargo damage.

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mol president

MOL President & CEO Junichiro Ikeda delivering his opening speech at the conference in Manila



During the conference in Mumbai